The objectives of this project are to provide detailed information about preparatory curriculum for diverse types of WIL using the data collected from participating post-secondary institutions in the province of BC. The baselines for diverse types of WIL are specific to the:
• Curricular programs for WIL student preparation.
• Quality Frameworks in WIL preparatory curriculum, including the:
– primary goals of the program, learning outcomes, and topics/ content in the curriculum;
– assessments and evaluations integral to the curriculum; and
– learning and teaching models and methods.
The project reports on data collected from participating institutions regarding:
• The alignment of co-op program learning outcomes with the CEWIL national accreditation and quality standards.
• Institutionally identified needs for expanding WIL preparatory curriculum to include such content as inclusivity, workplace readiness, and needs of equity-deserving students.
• Institutional perspectives about developing common, standard, and generic WIL preparatory resources that may be adapted and customized by each institution and the specific resources that would be of most use.

Topics: Engaging with ACE-WIL Members, WIL Curriculum, WIL Structures/Frameworks for PSIs
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