ACE-WIL is pleased to recognize LeSandra Archachan, a business co-op student at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology who has won a prize for her story about facilitating an iPad distribution project to Elders in the Nicola Valley. LeSandra worked closely with her supervisor, Margaret Hohner, co-op coordinator at NVIT.

LeSandra submitted this story about the project:

“I was hired to work in partnership with the local School District to distribute 200 used iPads to the community’s elders. This amazing project was in direct response to the COVID situation. Many Elders were shut-in this past year with no way to stay in touch with family and friends. Using appropriate COVID protocols, I was available to set-up the device and navigate through the iPad with the elders who needed help. I feel that getting the seniors to use the latest apps and the internet will make them more confident in using other devices in the future. It is important for elders to build the skills to stay connected to their loved ones in the ever-evolving technologies of today. I hope that more programs will be available in the future to seniors who need to gain the skills to stay connected to the outside world.”

Meet LeSandra & Margaret

“I was chatting to somebody at the school district. They mentioned that they had all these iPads and wouldn’t it be great if we could do something with these used iPads for the community and help elders because so many people were shut in” says Margaret when commenting how the idea for the project started.

After originally starting with 50 iPads, they ended up with over 200 iPads to give to Elders and to train them. “LeSandra was just amazing,” says Margaret.

When asked about the impact of the project, both LeSandra and Margaret noted the importance of fostering community, especially during the pandemic. “Community development depends on our connection together. And having our elders, the most important part of our community- our knowledge keepers- to be able to communicate with their grandchildren and distant families and friends, to keep their stories alive was a great experience.” says LeSandra.


Congratulations LeSandra Archachan & Margaret Hohner!

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