In 2015, Capilano graduate Jillian Courteau was preparing for a summer co-op placement role in Vancouver with Destination Canada. She had landed the role as a component of her Tourism Management Cooperative Education Diploma at Capilano University—after having applied for every available position that looked interesting.

“Especially the jobs I had no experience with,” adds Courteau. “When the posting for Destination Canada came up, it definitely fit those criteria.”

“It was quite a high-level position for a student who is just starting out in the tourism industry—it was quite an achievement,” says Christy Dodds, Capilano University’s Tourism Management co-op program coordinator.

Courteau wore several hats during her summer placement in Destination Canada’s Vancouver marketing department, but for one project, she acted as a liaison between her team and German social media influencers, inviting the popular Instagrammers on familiarization trips.

“I helped with contracts, itineraries, forms, travel documents and was the main face of the team for the Instagrammers throughout their Canadian experience,” says Courteau. She also liaised with provincial destination management organizations to help with itinerary building, and with videographers to help with filming requirements to produce videos for the influencers to promote upon their return to Germany.

When the summer ended, Courteau’s projects were still underway, and she accepted an additional three-month contract. Shortly before that contract ended, she saw a posting for a position at Destination Canada’s London, England office.

Her interview was two weeks later, and three whirlwind weeks after that she was in London to start her new job.

“The work is challenging and interesting, my colleagues are fantastic, and I’m in the perfect spot from which to explore a whole new continent,” says Courteau. “I’m so glad I stuck my neck out and applied for something I wasn’t convinced I was qualified for, and then that I also jumped out of my comfort zone and wound up on the other side of the planet.”

Courteau’s words of wisdom?

“Apply for everything that seems remotely interesting. I almost didn’t apply for the Destination Canada job, but I am so glad I went for it now; I think I’ve found my corner of the industry,” she says.

This story is adapted from a story which originally appeared on Capilano’s blog.