Can you tell us a little about your company?

Virtro is is a female led VR/AR content studio, based in Gastown, Vancouver. Incorporated just over a year ago,
we have released VR and AR games on a range stores including Playstation VR, Steam, Oculus, Google Play
and the App Store. We are currently transitioning into larger and more detailed commercial projects and have
some amazing applications in production.

VR is the perfect fit for us as our previous start-up experiences, a SaaS based web business, and TV production
company provided the creative and technical expertise to excel in this nascent industry. Vancouver is the ideal
location for developing the VR and AR market because of its strength in both technology and film/animation.

How many students have you been able to hire with the BCIC Tech Grant and what Institution are they from?

Part of our journey was establishing relationships with the major universities and we have been delighted to hire
8 co-op students from SFU, BCIT, UBC in the last year, 6 being eligible for BCIC Tech Grant for their first Co-op or the previous
Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) program.

Having found our stride, we have found that the students are a wonderful fit for developing VR and AR
applications and games and it is our intention to continue supporting these valuable programs. It adds to our
organization as well as allowing us to help to train and mold the future leaders in the VR and AR space.

What type of projects have students been able to work on in your company? 

All our co-ops leave us having released an AR app on Apple iTunes or Google Play and a VR game on Oculus
or STEAM stores, showcasing to future employers that they have attained professional standards, by passing
the rigorous QA and submission process.

We feel this external yardstick will give employers the assurance that they are getting a quality candidate when
they engage this graduate. In fact, we believe so strongly in our process that recently we expanded this
program and launched an academy ( ) based on this style of validated experiential learning.

Check out some of the games our co-ops have developed, Run Dorothy, Run available on the Playstation VR,
Steam and Oculus stores. AR games ConqAR, Hugs & Kisses, Juzzle on AppStore and Google Play. Mobile VR
games Zombie Donuts, Juzzle, No Horizon released on Gear VR and Cardboard.

BCIC Tech Grant has enabled Virtro to become a leader in VR/AR technology in Vancouver, with a subsidized
team, production and release of games has been expedited.

Virtro Entertainment Inc. / / / 604-500-9753