Work-Integrated Learning Technology Survey
This project developed: an inventory of IMS and CRM software used by all BC public PSIs, an analysis for effective software, explored a partnership with BCNET and developed recommendations for negotiating sector-wide software buy. Read More »
BC WIL Employer/Community Partner Survey
The BC WIL Employer and Community Partner survey collected data from WIL partners at 19 post-secondary institutions in BC between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, to better understand the labour market’s ability to engage WIL students during the pandemic and post-pandemic. The survey provides insight on WIL employer/community partner’s experiences, interests and needs. Read More »
Review of Risk Management: Legal, Safety and Liability Coverage for Students Working in Diverse Types of Work-Integrated Learning
Risk is inherent in all Work-Integrated Learning experiences due to the complexities and uncertainties involved; these may include legal, financial, reputational, ethical, social, strategic and operational. Key issues as they pertain to Risk Management and WIL within the BC landscape will be the project’s focus. Read More »

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ACE-WIL Survey Results for Practitioners (July 2021)
BC WIL Employer and Community Partner Survey Project – Full Report
Full Report of the detailed findings and methodology for the BC WIL Employer and Community Partner Survey project, which included two surveys (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) and focus groups (Spring 2021) to better understand the experiences, needs and intentions of existing WIL employers and community partners during the COVID-19… Read More »
WIL Technology Survey Results
Information management systems (IMS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other technologies are central to operations in the post-secondary work-integrated learning (WIL) sector. The WIL Technology Survey project produced 2 resources: Part 1 provides a summary of responses, and Part 2 provides an analysis and recommendations. License and Distribution: ACE-WIL… Read More »