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Tips for WIL students
Check out these handy tips to help WIL students work effectively as well as tips if you’re working remotely. Remember, your WIL coordinator is an excellent resource and a key contact point for any questions you may have about your WIL work placement. Read More »


Accessible Social Media Guide for Co-op and WIL
Social media content is accessible if it meets the needs universally of all audience members. This means understanding and implementing communication practices that maximize adaptive technologies, ensuring that published content optimizes accessibility features used by some audience members to interpret content. It also means considering all perspectives and providing engaging… Read More »
Accessible Virtual Events Guide for Co-op and WIL
Pivoting during a pandemic has reinforced the significance of providing online virtual spaces through accessible virtual events, meetings and digital communications. With accessibility in the virtual event sphere often overlooked, this guide aims to provoke action when engaging Work Integrated Learning (WIL) student participants in the virtual event space. License… Read More »
Preparing Yourself for Work-Integrated Learning
In this document, we provide some research-informed tips and suggestions on how to prepare yourself—whether you are a student, faculty/staff, or employer/community partner—for a work-integrated learning experience. Topics: Engaging with Employers, Engaging with Students, Research License and Distribution: Nagel, R. & Haupt, A. (2021). Preparing yourself for work-integrated learning. Community-Engaged… Read More »