Resources related to WIL preparatory curriculum including: programs for WIL student preparation, quality frameworks for WIL preparatory curriculum, learning and teaching models and methods.

The objectives of this project are to provide detailed information about preparatory curriculum for diverse types of WIL using the data collected from participating post-secondary institutions in the province of BC. The baselines for diverse types of WIL are specific to the: • Curricular programs for WIL student preparation. • Quality Frameworks in WIL preparatory curriculum, including the: ... Learn more »
In this document, we provide some research-informed tips and suggestions on how to prepare yourself—whether you are a student, faculty/staff, or employer/community partner—for a work-integrated learning experience. Learn more »
A collection of resources gathered from ACE-WIL BC/Yukon post-secondary institutions relating to the topic of "Pre-WIL Experience: orientation, job development, advising, quality assurance of experiences". Learn more »