The Career Management Resources for Professionals is a non-academic Moodle course that provides interconnected professional learning targeted to the needs of mid-career students. 

The four modules–Determining Direction, Demonstrating Skills, Defining Resources, and Discovering Connections–begin with a Start here section, which provides participants with a self-directed activity to help explore and decide if the module is relevant or timely for their needs. There are action-oriented activities, resources, references, and a Summary section, which includes a checklist, reflection question(s), and a module conclusion. ¬†Although modules are stand-alone learning, students are encouraged to work through each complementing module.

The course offers interactivity, downloadable worksheets, and information sheets that act as tools for students to develop their customized career management workbook.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate the different needs of career-emerging to mid-career learners¬†
  • Articulate new tools to support the unique needs of mid-career learners in career transition
Topics: Engaging with Students, WIL Curriculum
License and Distribution: ACE-WIL Copyright