The Rural Education Access Coordination Hub (REACH) is a scalable action Framework that lays out the critical components of intersectoral collaboration to enhance the quality and quantity of rural WIL for health professions (HP) students. The Framework guides strategic collaborations to recruit, retain and sustain student, preceptor, HP programs and community engagement in rural WIL. It articulates the conditions for the successful implementation, levels of intersectoral collaboration, key strategic thematic directions and a menu of associated quick-start actions. Implemented together, they will foster innovation, strengthen capacity for rural WIL opportunities for HP students and create a network of clinicians, academics, administrators and communities to enhance rural WIL experiences. The Framework can be implemented in any regional rural context as a holistic or integrated set of actions. REACH was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and informed by the REACH Bulkley-Nechako demonstration project.

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