On May 4, 2022 the ACE-WIL community was fortunate to host Dr. Candy Ho, who delivered an engaging, enlightening and impactful learning and development session for WIL practitioners. Dr. Ho encouraged members to contemplate how the 17 SDG’s support the planet, people, prosperity, peace and partnerships. Members also explored why WIL practitioners should care about the UN SDG’s and to think about how the SDG’s can be used as a framework to guide and support WIL practitioners, students, employers, and our institutions.


  • Padlet: Within the PD session, Dr. Ho led ACE-WIL members through a collaborative exercise to encourage members to highlight how their WIL practice incorporates (or will strive to incorporate) the SDGs in our work. https://padlet.com/candyhoufv/WILsdgs
  • PPT: PPT presentation, Dr. Ho’s session “Making the Global Personal: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in WIL and Career Curricula” (attached)
Topics: Professional Development, WIL Curriculum
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