Are you looking to develop accessible and inclusive practices in your WIL programming and curriculum and are not sure where to begin? You are not alone. Diversity, equity, inclusivity, and the need to create safe spaces for our students has been deeply felt amongst many WIL educators. This session will explore cost-effective and scalable ideas that individual WIL practitioners and programs that lack resources and dedicated DEI teams can adopt in their practices. Learn from a project at KPU that explored redesigning inclusive WIL curriculum and creating anti-racism resources to address barriers students face in the workplace. Representation matters. Words matter. This project sought to create resources that gave voice to underrepresented students and raise awareness of their lived experience. This is a journey we are on together to create safe spaces for our students and each other. No matter where you are on that journey, this session will give you some ideas of how to start.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an external video that participants were asked to view. At the 3:25 mark in the presentation, please visit to view the resource that was developed in this COWIL project and will be referenced in the session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the project’s scope and lessons learned on re-designing scalable and inclusive WIL curriculum and programming
  2. Understand the barriers that KPU students face in the workplace
  3. Identify at least one new practice, system, or resource you can integrate into your practice as an Instructor and WIL educator
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