The Child & Youth Care (CYC) program at Douglas College wanted to develop a 100% online diploma, but needed to ensure that prospective students could complete practicum (WIL)–which comprises 15% of the diploma’s course credits–in their home communities. The MAEST/WIL grant-funding allowed the CYC program to create practicum partnerships with child, youth, and family-serving organizations around BC, in areas not served by a CYC credential. This would allow for increased student access and contribution to their home community with more competent practitioners. Come meet the project leads, who will discuss: the unique features of CYC practicum (within the spectrum of WIL), the challenges, successes, and methods of developing relationships remotely, the data gathered from potential practicum sites regarding their interest and unique barriers to host students, and more. 

Participants will leave the presentation with an appreciation of: 

  • Child & Youth Care practicum’s contribution to the spectrum of Work Integrated Learning
  • Challenges, successes, and methods in developing post-secondary institution-social service sector relationships (remotely)
  • Child, youth, and family-serving organizations’ interests in and unique barriers to host practicum students across BC
Topics: WIL Curriculum
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