(Recorded on January 13th, 2022)

Service Canada’s Canada Summer Jobs program is an initiative of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy which aims to provide quality work experiences for youth to develop skills and paid work experience to successfully transition into the labour market. Canada Summer Jobs supports non-profits, small businesses (50 or fewer employees), and public sector employers to provide quality summer work experiences for youth aged 15 to 30 years old.

This info session featured Canada Summer Jobs representative Melanie Greene and Tracy Brooks who explained how the program works and how to apply. Note that the Call for Applications for the 2022 Canada Summer Jobs program will close in January 25th, 2022 and this information may not be accurate for future iterations of the Canada Summer Jobs program.

For more information visit:
Canada Summer Jobs program: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/funding/canada-summer-jobs.html
Talent MATCH: https://acewilbc.ca/talent-match/


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