Between July 2020 and July 2021, the BC WIL Council conducted research to better understand the labour market’s ability to engage WIL students and the evolving impacts of COVID-19 on employers and community partners who hire students through work-integrated learning (WIL) programs. The project featured three stages, including two surveys and a series of focus groups and interviews. Throughout the three stages, the BC WIL Council was able to collect valuable data about the ways workplaces have mitigated the impacts of the pandemic and the supports they need, which will inform decision making for 2021-2022 initiatives. Detailed reports were generated for the participating PSIs and employers with the purpose of communicating project results. Additionally, various 2-pager executive summaries were developed and distributed to the Government, the WIL sector, and the public. Project findings are now part of the ACE WIL BC resource hub:

Learning Outcomes
1. To share the process undertaken for the project with the WIL community with hopes of it serving as a point of reference for future projects.
2. To better understand how the methodology and approach used for this project can be replicated and used for other similar projects
3. To discuss the potential merits of more regular sector-wide surveys in order to provide data to make evidence-based decisions about future WIL programming at BC PSIs.

Topics: BC WIL Council, Research
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