The main goals of this project are to: celebrate student success, engage with members, and promote hiring WIL students to employers. The project generated interview videos with the winning students and their employers, as well as an inventory of all the story submissions.

Project Information

Institution(s): Affiliate Member
Partner(s): Association of Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning
Status: Complete
Project Dates: January 1, 2021 — April 29, 2021
Project Contact:
Hannah Ahluwalia- ACE-WIL Co-op Student
Project Contributors:
Carmen Wright, Anita Budisa-Bonneau

Video interviews with the students & their WIL supervisors

We sat down with the student winners and their supervisors to hear more about their stories of impact. Watch these videos or distribute them to new employers as examples of the kind of projects and relationships that a work-integrated learning experience can bring.

WIL Story Inventory

Below is the inventory of student stories generated from IMPACT 2020 WIL Student Story Showcase. 70 students, employers, and/or WIL Practitioners submitted stories about students who had made significant impacts during their 2020 WIL experiences. Upon submission, students consented to allowing their story to be published in ACE-WIL promotional materials. These stories are free for members to use as examples of WIL experiences or for creating promotional materials.

Be sure to ask students and/or employers for consent before publishing any identifying information or keep the stories anonymous. 

2020 WIL Student Story Inventory
Student stories are an important way for WIL practitioners to demonstrate the value that students bring to the workplace. This resource includes 70 stories submitted by students, WIL practitioners and/or employers through the IMPACT 2020: WIL Student Story Showcase Project. These stories are free... Read More »