The Fashion Design & Production (FD&P) diploma teaches students to develop creative and technical skills and knowledge through the completion of 1410 hours of studies. Our students put fundamental fashion skills into immediate context through a series of five fashion cycles that allow them to experience a fast-paced production process, from design conception to sales. In their second year, students use their fashion cycle experiences and foundational skills to complete a self-directed garment project. Upon completion of the program, they are able to draft patterns with an eye to fit and function, plan and execute garment construction, develop a creative vision in design, engage in real-world business environments, practice the art of communication, and demonstrate professional excellence.

The FD&P program has a required practicum course each spring in which students complete an unpaid 120 hours in the industry in either a full or part time capacity. Our goal is to find placement hosts that will complete an evaluation and are excited to be a mentor that turns students into colleagues.