Students in the Post-Diploma in Human Resource Management program have the opportunity to complete an optional 40-hour work practicum in their final semester with a local employer.

Our students have already completed a bachelor or master’s degree prior to entry into this diploma program and many have worked in related fields overseas. Students are preparing to pursue careers in human resource management, labour relations, payroll, recruitment, administrative services, compensation and benefits, training and development, job analysis and more!

This diploma program provides organizations with students ready and eager to apply their skills in the workplace. Many companies that host CNC practicum students are extremely happy with the results and re-apply for student interns every year.

Students are typically available for work on employer supervised practicum projects for the periods of February-March, June-July and October-November. Contact with employers to set up these practicums would typically be in January, May and September but we are happy to field inquiries outside of those months.

Please use the links below if you have any questions about the Post-Diploma in Human Resources Management Program.