The NRUA 179 Practicum course will include an instructor-led orientation and a comprehensive 127.5 hour practicum. All students will have the opportunity to apply and further develop the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom to their practicum placement while working under the supervision of a qualified preceptor.

Students in the Nursing Unit Assistant program are preparing to contribute to overall patient care in many settings. With a growing ability to communicate clearly and pay attention to detail, our graduates contribute to the successful functioning of a nursing unit.

Within the Nursing Unit Assistant program, students participate in two full days of workplace observation shifts during which they will observe and reflect on the additional knowledge and skills they have gained up to that point in the program. Observing the Nursing Unit Assistant’s role and responsibilities first hand gives the learner a new perspective on the importance of the skills and knowledge from their course work.

As we build our Work-Integrated Learning opportunities across all six campuses of the College of New Caledonia we are interested in working with employers like you to offer students experiential learning opportunities related to the core competencies of the Nursing Unit Assistant Certificate. The work term enhances student learning and you have an important mentorship role to play. The college offers an employer orientation and ongoing support during the work term. Join us as we work to build and retain our region’s future workforce. Contact the Education Developer for WIL for more information.

Many students are available for work experience, internships or for hire at the end of a semester following final exams especially in the spring. So be sure to connect with us in the fall or January/February with postings. Please use the links below if you have any questions about the Nursing Unit Assistant program.