The program coordinator works with the student to find a workplace opportunity based on the student’s individual career interests. Students and coordinator meet with the employer and determine hours and length of placement base on student ability and employer availability.

During the program, students inventory their skills, interests, and values to guide their career planning direction. Students work towards their career readiness goals through essential skill building, group work and role plays. All students learn strategies for effective workplace communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and customer service. Once students have the foundational skills for entry level employment and complete their work readiness checklist, they will set experience based learning goals.

As we build our Work-Integrated Learning opportunities across all six campuses of the College of New Caledonia, we are interested in working with employers like you to offer students experiential learning opportunities related to the core competencies of the Job Education Training Certificate. The work term enhances student learning and you have an important mentorship role to play. The college offers an employer orientation and ongoing support during the work term. Join us as we work to build and retain our region’s future workforce. Contact the Education Developer for WIL for more information.

In the Job Education Training Program, students who may have barriers to employment with opportunities to explore and increase their skills—for example essential skill building, communication and personal learning strategies—and apply them in a workplace setting. Students in this program are available for work experience or for hire. Please connect with the program contacts for more information.

Please use the links below if you have any questions about the Job Education Training program.