Students must complete 500 hours paid work experience (Full-time or part-time) across the 2-year diploma program.  Employers are asked to mentor and evaluate the student as well as complete a final report at the end of the 500 hours. 

During the diploma program, students develop key skills for the hospitality and related sectors including: effective communication and leadership skills, financial decision-making, ethical practices and legal frameworks, human relations management, customer service principles as well as hospitality industry trends and sustainability practices. 

Work experience positions include those related to the hospitality industry including: barista, concierge, tour guide, meeting event planning, banquet servicer, kitchen assistant, bell person, airport services, senior living or senior lifestyle. Contact the program to determine if your hiring needs can be met by VCC Hospitality Management students.

Program Contact emails (preferred email is below): Willy Aroca Aguirre ( or Monique Paassen (