Focusing on the social, technological, and experiential needs of contemporary society, our Bachelor of Design program has evolved into a human-centred practice.

Three majors are offered in the Bachelor of Design degree:



The Communication Design Major combines theory and practice, exploring cultural, historical, technical, ecological, and theoretical issues in order to solve communication challenges. Electives include print design, interactivity, and motion graphics.

Skills include:

Graphic Design, Branding, Logos, Visual Storytelling, Poster/Print Design, Layout, Font + Text Design, Marketing, Social Media, Visual Identity, Strategic/Target Market Design, Multi-disciplinary Collaboration



In the Industrial Design Major, students learn how we communicate, find pleasure, comfort, and safety with others through activities and products, and how we overcome our physical and psychological limitations through design.

Skills developed include:

Product Design and Fabrication (in areas such as Lighting, Furniture, Fashion/Textiles, etc.), Logistics, Sourcing, Research, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, Multi-disciplinary Collaboration, Prop making, Digital fabrication (3D printing, Lasercutting and CNC milling), Wood + Construction, Product development, Physical Fabrication in a variety of materials such as wood, fabrics, metal, ceramics, glass, concrete and more.



Prepare to create innovative design solutions for everyday life with an Interaction Design Major. Demand is high for interaction designers to envision new and interactive products, systems, services and spaces in all industries.

Skills include:

User Focused Design, Website Design/Optimization, App Design, Digital Strategy, User Research, User Interaction, Multi-disciplinary Collaboration, Iteration, Agile Design