At CNC, we pride ourselves in having an outstanding reputation for educating skilled dental professionals. The CNC dental hygiene program boasts a 20 operatory clinic with four additional radiography rooms that allows students to stay onsite for clinical courses. The clinical courses offer a 1:6 ratio of faculty to students in the clinical setting. Students are actively involved in our dental clinic providing patient-centered oral healthcare care services. Our clinic offers computerized dental stations, digital radiography, and hybrid record keeping abilities.

Students gain diverse opportunities working with various population groups in a variety of settings.

Program graduates are licensed healthcare professionals whose education and practice focus on the prevention of oral disease and the promotion of overall health and well-being. Dental Hygienists can work independent of, or alongside a dentist and are an important part of the health care team. Dental hygienists can also work in a variety of settings outside clinical practice including education and public health.

Upon completion of the three-year diploma program, CNC dental hygiene students are available for hire after the successful completion of the national board exam and licensure through the applicable regulatory college. Please use the links below if you have any questions about the Dental Hygiene program.