This course is offered twice each academic year and connects Capilano University’s Bachelor of Communication Studies students in their third and fourth years with employers, allowing them to accrue 6 to 8 weeks (240 hours) of work experience in professional communication. The School of Communication is very flexible on where and how students accrue these hours (full- or part-time, paid, unpaid or honorarium, on site or remote, working with a business, government agency or non-profit). What matters is that the work is communications-related, which can include but is not limited to public and media relations; branding, marketing, advertising and social media content creation and management; research and writing; advocacy and government relations; journalism and magazine publishing; social justice; internal or employee communications; and much more. Students are available for work mainly in the spring and summer, but some are available in the fall. Potential employers or practicum hosts are welcome to contact us if they are looking for a student, and are often invited to speak to students in-person during class visits when possible.

A one-page fact sheet about our practicums is available on request.

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