As we build our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities at the College of New Caledonia we are interested in working with employers like you to offer students experiential learning opportunities related to the core competencies of the Accounting and Finance Diploma. The work term enhances student learning and you have an important mentorship role to play. We offer an employer orientation and ongoing support during the work term. Join us as we work to build and retain our region’s future workforce. Contact the Education Developer for WIL for more information.

Students gain a solid foundation in accounting and finance with the Accounting and Finance Diploma. This two-year program prepares them for entry-level positions in public practice and private industry.

In the Management Accounting course, students are provided with scenarios that include, product mix, production expansion, manufacture or buy and material purchases. Students make business decisions using key data and calculations. They create reports for “senior management” explaining their decisions including non-financial rationale.

In Computerized Accounting, students apply what they have learnt in financial accounting to different types of business cases/projects. The business cases simulate daily accounting issues, including setting up a business, payroll, inventory, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, etc.

Many students are available for work experience, internships or for hire at the end of a semester following final exams especially in the spring. So be sure to connect with us in the fall or January/February with postings. Please use the links below if you have any questions about the Accounting and Finance program.