The October 27th Town Hall on support strategies was hosted BC Campus advisor Helena Prins and facilitated by ACE-WIL President Jennie Nilsson. The Town Hall included a student panel, a presentation on creative ways to be ergonomic while working from home and an update on upcoming events.

Student Panel

Four students attended the ACE-WIL student panel on support strategies: Harper Friedman, Katheryna Khong, Vasundhara Seli and Emily Jackson.

The students explained their experience taking classes, doing WIL, and finding jobs virtually.  Check out the slides and recording to see the support strategies suggested by the students.

Below are some of the questions and answers from the panel:

Q: I want to make sure my students know I am available to help, but I don’t want to overwhelm them. What can I do to help?

Harper Friedman: Provide time outside of office hours or lecture, making a slack channel for chatting with each other. Sending emails can be intimidating to students at times so more casual spaces can help.

Q: With the virtual fatigue students are experiencing, do you feel like students are less inclined to participate in campus virtual events outside of classes?

Vasundhara Seli: Students would like to come to virtual career fairs. Any opportunity for a job that comes their way they will happy to pursue it.

Q: Do students want to meet each other? What can we do to facilitate connections virtually?

Vasundhara Seli: Yes, many do. Ice breakers like tongue twisters, never have I ever, getting to know each other in virtual events outside of campus/class time. Also depends on the time zones people are in.

Emily Jackson: Make breakout rooms in class with coursework to work on so students can get to know each other over work. Some students in lectures have used a Discord channel to connect with each other too.

Strategies for improving ergonomics while working at home

Carol Yin, a co-op student from SFU, also gave an informative presentation on Creative Ways to Apply Ergonomic Principles Working at Home. For many, adjustable ergonomic furniture is a luxury so finding new and creative ways to make your home workspace comfortable is imperative.

Check out the document here





Upcoming events