Episode 4: Meet Tara Bond – Coffee Lover Extraordinaire

Tara Bond began her career with the Career and Experiential Learning Department in 2017 as a Co-operative Education Coordinator and is currently working as a Career Services Coordinator. Tara is the Faculty Lead for the Career Ambassadors through the Career and Experiential Learning Department and the Marketing team representative. Before working in post-secondary education, Tara was a Primary School Teacher and an Employment Services Specialist. In 2019, she joined ACE WIL as a volunteer with the Membership Committee and was Co-chair in 2021.

Tara values the relationships she builds with students, graduates, early-career professionals, faculty, and staff members. She loves helping individuals navigate meaningful career options and works collaboratively to support experiential learning and their future career goals. Tara empowers students to integrate paid, relevant work experience with their academic programs. Over the course of her post-secondary career, Tara has had the opportunity to work with various members of the Kamloops Community. Developing long lasting, professional relationships solidifies the importance of networking and relationship building that Tara reiterates to her students and colleagues daily. Building a strong network creates job opportunities and promotes career growth.

Tara believes in the importance of cultivating and sustaining strong working relationships with members of the community. Outside of work, Tara enjoys the outdoors, traveling, exploring, baking, and cooking. She loves the fine selections of coffee and spending quality time with her adventurous family and friends.

Connect with Tara on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tara-lynn-bond