Episode 2: Meet Shannan Laing

Shannan is currently working as a Coordinator, Career Centre Programs (Co-op) at Douglas College and has enjoyed a rewarding and enriching career for 20+ years in the career development field in higher education after pivoting from recruitment and human resources. In the Spring of 2021, she joined ACE WIL as a volunteer with the membership committee.

Shannan loves her job helping students, graduates, early-career professionals, and career changers design and navigate meaningful and aligned careers. Her holistic and collaborative approach brings together best practices with each student’s specific needs, values, and goals.

“One of my mottos is a natural excitement accompanying any job search, but there are also uncertainties. Telling our stories is a learned process. That’s where I work with students to create career marketing materials they’re proud of, streamline their career story, and navigate the nuances of any job search.”