Marion Gasbarro – Co-op Advisor SFU Science, Environment and Health Sciences Co-op

Meet Marion Gasbarro.  Marion’s not only a proud mother of 3 kids, she loves taking hot yoga classes, and is a dedicated chauffeur and coach to an Under 7 Girls Soccer Team. She recently joined Simon Fraser University (SFU) as a Co-op Career Advisor in the Faculty of Science, Environment and Health Sciences Co-op program.

Marion joins SFU with over 6 years of pre-employment counselling, career assessments, and job placement experience, but she’s excited to return to SFU after completing her degree and the co-op program some years ago. In her current role as advisor to the sciences at SFU, Marion leverages her networking skills to connect with industry professionals, as well as mentoring her students in work search strategies, coaching students one-on-one and ensuring students are marketing themselves strategically.

The best career advice she received was “Believe in following your passion – if you love what you do, then you’ll be happy!” and she continues to share that advice with today’s students.