For this month’s Humans of Ace blog, we spoke to Brandy Welles, co-op coordinator with the Arts and Social Sciences co-op program at Simon Fraser University. Brandy rejoined SFU last year after having previously worked at SFU and UBC in work integrated learning roles, and also has extensive communications experience in the private sector.  Helping students and developing new work integrated opportunities are just a couple of Brandy’s passions, and she was happy to share a few of her insights:

What are 3 words your coworkers would use to describe you?

Good question.. I’m going to say entertaining, supportive and genuine! I’m always trying to bring some spirit to my work, both with my coworkers and my students!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?  

I love helping those students who are really dedicated to working hard and improving. When they get that amazing position and they love it, and the employer loves them, and all that hard work pays off.. these are my happy moments.

What is something surprising about you? 

I got married in pandemic-March on my porch in front a few friends, to an American I met in Seattle almost 7 years ago. It’s been a long ride to get him over the border, but we’re working on his permanent residency as I type!

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? 

Cooking, reading, & socializing with friends top the list… I’m on a foreign film kick at the moment (especially horror) and I’m a documentary nut. I’m also a big fan of Spring & Fall glamping in our new-ish motorhome (road trip!), and delicious vacations with sunny climates, fancy hotels and amazing pools (someday again, sigh)

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve been given and by whom? 

It’s really life advice, but I try to follow it as much as I can.. if you’re not taking care of yourself first, you cannot take care of others. For those of us who are givers, we need to really focus on making sure our cup is full or we can’t be the best versions of ourselves. Our students look to us to help them learn how to balance it all – we need to model it.

What does leadership mean to you? 

Leadership is the ability to inspire others to do their best because they want to. I am biased in that I’m lucky to work for the best Manager a gal could ask for – her endless energy and strategic creativity are phenomenal, and to know she always has your back.. what more could you ask for?! I hope I can offer just a smidgen of this to my students!