Hannah Yao is the Co-op & Career Development Centre Instructor at Langara College

Hannah Yao has worked in a variety of student services roles on both the west and east coast of Canada and is dedicated to seeing students succeed in both academic and professional realms.

1. What are 3 words your coworkers would use to describe you?

a. Enthusiastic Learner
b. Curious Listener
c. Joyful (sorry, that’s 5 words!)

2. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

This past August 2016, I was given the fortunate opportunity to join Langara’s Co-op & Career Development Centre as a Co-op Instructor teaching in the Post-Degree Diploma program. The seed was planted when I was a part of SFU’s Co-op program facilitating resume, cover letter and interview workshops and advising students – I love teaching. I get a thrill out of guiding students to see the forest through the trees and when that “Aha!” learning moment happens.

3. What is something surprising about you?

I took improv classes at the Vancouver TheatreSports League for fun (and highly recommend for EVERYONE to do, regardless of profession or level of shyness), and that I’ve got a piece of paper that proves I’ve gone skydiving once and never ever have to do that again. Ever.

4. What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

I love building communities! I host a free monthly event called Puzzled Pint with 2 friends that attracts between 40-50 participants, who gather in groups of 2-8 people to solve logic/brainteaser-type puzzles. So when we’re not running the event, we’re scouting for new pubs and restaurants to host our next one. We’re about to celebrate our first birthday this Feb 2017.

5. What is the best piece of career advice you’ve been given and by whom?

a. Tony Botelho once told me (well he probably tells it to everyone) “Stay Open, Take Action, Keep Learning” and I try to do this every day, not just in my career, but just as a general approach to life in general.

b. Shauna Tonsaker (Program Manager of SFU BUS Co-op) didn’t just give me great career advice, but also the opportunity to be paired with Jasminn Berteotti (2016 CAFCE President) via the inaugural 2016 CAFCE Mentorship program.

6. What does leadership mean to you?

A leader doesn’t have to hold a position of power or title; anyone can be a leader. They inspire change and have long-term vision, whereas managers have the responsibility of more day-to-day operations. Both parts are very important in all organizations and it’s a rare treat when these roles are done successfully by one person.