Where to get funding

Considering hiring a work-integrated learning student for your organization? You may be eligible for one of the following funding resources.

BC Arts Council: Special Project Assistance – Co-op

Organizations assisted by the BC Arts Council or incorporated non-profit arts and cultural organizations assisted through the programs of the BC Arts Council’s Share Cost Arrangement partners who demonstrate the need for financial assistance can apply for funding through the Council.

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BC Tech Co-op Grants Program

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program is designed for small tech businesses. It encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small technology firms. The funding is allocated to subsidize a student’s wage while on a work term, and to invest into BC’s burgeoning tech industry.

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Canada Green Corps

Funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada Green Corps strategically fulfills government commitments to provide new employment opportunities for youth and showcase national leadership on climate action. This program begins on September 1st, 2019. Employers will receive a 50% wage subsidy based on an hourly rate up to a maximum of $20/hour for 37.5 hours/week, for 26 weeks (6 months).

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Canadian Heritage Young Canada Works (YCW) Program

Young Canada Works (YCW) subsidizes up to 2,780 job opportunities. These wage subsidies are dedicated to offering summer jobs and internships to Canadian students and graduates, allowing them to gain valuable experience while putting their skills to the test. From an employer’s perspective, fresh ideas and competitive skills are made available. Young Canada Works (YCW) sponsors three summer job programs for students.

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Columbia Basin Trust - School Works: Co-op Wage Subsidy

Businesses, Non-profit and First Nations organizations, and public bodies with business headquarters located within the Columbia Basin Trust region can apply for this subsidy to help them hire post-secondary students enrolled in full-time education and participating in a recognized university or college co-op education program.

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ECO Canada’s Wage Subsidy Program

ECO Canada’s new Co-op Program provides 50% of wage funding for employers who hire environmental students. As part of Canada’s Work-Integrated Learning strategy, we are matching students with employers in the environmental sector to help them on the path to a bright career.

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Green Spaces

Green Spaces is a UNAC initiative that provides support for organizations to hire students aged 15-30 for 8-16 weeks in positions related to the environment or sustainability. Green Spaces offers a wage subsidy of approximately 50% to employers (up to $8.55/hour). The application package below should be sent to Maggie Hall at Maggie.Hall@unac.org.

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Industrial Research Assistance Program Technology (IRAP)

NRC-IRAP provides non-repayable contributions to Canadian SMEs interested in growing by using technology to commercialize services, products and processes in Canadian and international markets.

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Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) Grant

Get up to $10,000 a year for your BC tech company or startup if you hire a *non-co-op* business or tech student and offer entrepreneurial and business training.

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Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

ICTC is one of the SWPP partners that will be delivering the expanded Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) for post-secondary students in STEM, business, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Employers can receive wage subsidies of up to 50 percent of the wage cost for the placement (up to a maximum of $5,000 per placement) up to 70 percent (up to a maximum of $7,000 per placement) for under-represented students including first-year students, women in STEM, Indigenous students, persons with disabilities and newcomers.

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Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Career Ready Program

You may qualify for up to $7,000.00 in wage subsidies through the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), the leading voice for Canada’s information, communications and technology (ICT) industry. Consider applying if you are a registered Canadian business with the ability to offer a 12-18 week work placement to a full time student from Business Technology Management (BTM)/Management Information Systems, Computer Science/Systems Technology/Computing/Computer Technology, Computer/Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, or Cyber Security.

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This is a national internship program for graduate students enrolled at a Canadian university. For each four-month co-op term, your organization contributes $7500 which is matched by MITACS. The student spends about half the term on site at your workplace, working on the research issue in question and collecting data. For the balance of the time, the student will work at their university, further advancing the research under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Applications are accepted year-round.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Experience Award

Maximum funding available is $4,500/student for four months to support the hiring of an undergraduate researcher. NSERC will support up to 15 students per eligible company, per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). Applications are to be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the student’s scheduled start date.

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Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)

PICS Internships provide support for the hiring of university students to work on topics that align with one of our five research themes. Internships serve to enhance the students’ knowledge and expertise in the area of climate change, as well as to integrate that knowledge into practice. $10,000 in internship funding per four-month placement is available to provincial and local governments and BC-based NGOs. In addition, PICS will match private sector and crown corporation contributions to a maximum of $6,000 for four-month internship placements in areas of interest to PICS.

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Service Canada – Summer Jobs program

Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to help small businesses, public sector employers, and non-profit organizations to hire students during the summer term. Funding available to approved employers: up to 50 per cent of minimum wage for private companies and public sector employers, and up to 100 per cent of the minimum wage for non-profit organizations. Application period is in late January-early February of each year; employers are notified of the outcome of their application in May.

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Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit

Provides a 10 per cent tax credit to qualifying corporations–claimed when filing the T2 Corporation Income Tax Return.

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Student Work Placement program

The Student Work Placement program gives post-secondary students in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and business programs across Canada paid work experience related to their field of study.

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“As a small start-up company, we have limited resources and hiring through the co-op program proved to be very helpful in identifying and connecting with great talent in undergraduate students. The student we hired helped tremendously improve our brand image.”

  • GenomeMe™


“The co-op student’s creative thinking added fresh life to our marketing programs and helped us drastically improve our website. Hiring through the co-op program allowed us to grow our company faster with a talented young student contributing to the team.”

  • Guusto


“The co-op students have made a huge contribution in improving our coding efficiency using their solid knowledge learnt from school. They are always enthusiastic and eager to learn. The Co-op Program is a win-win for both the company as well as the co-op students.”

  • Kitply Industries


“Hiring through the co-op program was an easy process that provided us with a high-quality student with skills in web development, graphic design, and SQL. The co-op helped us with IT infrastructure setup, e-commerce website implementation, and customized application development.

  • Evilnut Creative Technology Ltd.


Read about how the BCIC Tech Grant has enabled Virtro to become a leader in VR/AR technology in Vancouver in this ACE interview.

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