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Connecting with WIL students

There are many ways a work-integrated learning – or WIL – student can make a positive difference in your organization. Whether it’s practical help to support your business needs or a more altruistic goal to support post-secondary students gain work experience, working with a WIL student is a win-win.

Get started

Ready to bring on a work-integrated learning student? We’ll help you get started. Check out our five steps.

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Would a wage subsidy help you to hire a work-integrated earning student? Check out our list.

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What is work-integrated learning? You know more than you think. We can explain.

Five steps to get started with a work-integrated learning student

1. Determine your goal

Take a look within your organization. Where could a student help? Are there staffing gaps that need to be filled? Do you have projects you’d finally like to get off the back burner? Are you looking ahead to permanent hiring and want to check out student talent to get a head start? Or perhaps you want to help mentor students to help build a stronger future workforce?

2. Narrow down your needs

What skills will the WIL student need in order to help you accomplish your goal? Are there specific courses or program they’ll need to have completed first? How much time will they be spending with your organization: a few weeks, a few months, or longer?

3. Research WIL programs in BC

There are 25 universities, colleges and institutes in BC that incorporate work-integrated learning into their programs. You can stay local, or take a look across BC. Many students are open to travelling for the right opportunity, and as remote work becomes more common, they could work with you virtually. Research now >

4. Post your Opportunity

Use our portal to share your WIL opportunity to programs and institutions across BC. Prep your job description and upload it through our online form. Fill out your contact details and check off the boxes according to your answers in steps 1 to 3. Click submit, and your opportunity will be shared with the institutions you’ve selected. Start now >

5. Get funding

Depending on your situation, the type of work, and the length of time you’ll need the WIL student, you may be eligible for BC or Federal funding. Each funder has unique requirements, and most commit to an easy application process and a quick response. Find out more >

Benefits of Hiring a WIL Student

When you hire a work-integrated learning (WIL) student, you invest in the next generation while bringing quality talent to your company at a reasonable cost.

Post an Opportunity Get funding


Supplement existing staff during peak periods and temporary leaves

New Ideas

Bring in a new perspective and fresh ideas to your organization

Build Your Brand

Market your organization to potential future employees

Succession Planning

Assess new talent for future recruitment after graduation

Professional Development

Develop the leadership potential of your existing staff


Receive support and assistance from WIL staff at post-secondary institutions.

Why Hire a WIL Student?

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“We’ve employed five different Co-op students and each has made a valuable contribution. In fact, our experience with Co-op has been so successful that we’ve permanently hired two of our students for very responsible positions.”

– CFB Chilliwack

“Our co-op students have proven to be very valuable employees.”

– BC Ministry of Forestry and Range

“The student’s optimistic attitude and diverse abilities were excellent, especially for working independently on a demanding project. I will go through Co-op Education each time I search for summer help because the students are competent, intelligent, and fit in well with regular staff.”

– Trail & District Public Library

2019 ACE-WIL Industry Partner of the Year

ACE-WIL BC/Yukon is pleased to announce RebalanceMD as the 2019 Industry Partner of the Year for their ongoing commitment to providing highly sought after, valuable and unique learning opportunities for students since 2013. RebalanceMD has hired co-operative education and work integrated learning students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels… Learn More
RebalanceMD, Industry Partner of the Year, with CEO Stefan Fletcher and WIL student Ronak Sheiki working at Rebalance during her clinical kinesiology co-op work term. Credit: ReBalanceMD.

Employer FAQs

Find answers to a list of common questions asked by employers.

More FAQs

Can employers contact students directly?
WIL programs are responsible for negotiating work placements with employers and for the logistics of matching students with opportunities. Until a final assignment has been made, all communication should go through the post-secondary institution.

What is the cost of hiring a WIL student?
There are no fees to participate in the WIL process. However, depending on the type of WIL, there are expectations in terms of paying the student. For example, co-op employers must comply with federal and provincial employment standards and human rights codes and there's an expectation is that the student is paid an equitable wage in keeping with their experience and educational level. On the other hand, practicums or internships may be unpaid.