Research & Initiatives

The Research Committee completes research and analysis in order to benefit the members of ACE-WIL and work-integrated learning programs in the province.

Our Mandate

Core Mandate

Completing research and analysis in order to benefit the members of ACE-WIL and Co-operative education programs in the province

Meeting Dates

First Friday of every month by teleconference and face-to-face as needed.

Current Members

Committee Co-Chairs  >> contact
Karima Ramji, University of Victoria
Andrea Sator, Simon Fraser University

Earl Anderson, BC Institute for Technology

What have we been working on?

We continue to work on the research topic of employers’ perceptions regarding the hiring and management of students who have completed most of their pre-university studies outside of Canada (e.g. international students, new immigrants, Canadians living abroad, etc.).

1. Norah McRae, Cristina Eftenaru, Larry Iles and Earl Anderson presented the results at the ACE/CAFCE/CACEE annual conference in Vancouver in May 28.
2. Nancy Johnston and Norah McRae presented our research at the CBIE’s 51’st annual conference in Halifax in November
3. We are working on the final editing for our submission of the research paper to be submitted to the Asia Pacific Journal for Co-op Education and have submitted an abstract to present
4. Our paper: WHAT DO EMPLOYERS THINK ABOUT HIRING STUDENTS FROM INTERNATIONAL PATHWAYS has been accepted to be presented at the WACE 3rd International Research Symposium in Stuttgart Germany, June 2018.

The ACE Research Committee would like to thank the ACE board generously providing funding to cover some of the expense relating to our research project