Michelle Zapiola is studying Economics and International Relations as an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. Her time at UBC has been immensely enriched by her work-integrated learning placements as they facilitated her explorations into multiple career paths. Her placements have included working for the Canadian federal government in both Argentina and Ottawa, in a family-oriented not-for-profit organization, as well as various academic offices at UBC. She is currently in a placement at UBC in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program. Michelle strongly believes that her work-integrated learning placements have enabled her personal, academic and professional growth, integrating the lessons she has learned along the way into every aspect of her life. Michelle’s dedication to her tasks and engagement to staff and students are truly extraordinary and exceed our expectations of a Work Learn student employee.

Michelle provides critical perspectives both as a current student and as an administrator on how to improve on academic program practice, office operations, and student experience. Michelle demonstrates deep interests in graduate academic research, in learning about academic policies, and passion for improving the administration of an academic office. Congratulations Michelle.