The WIL award for 2023 recognizes ACE-WIL industry partners that have demonstrated a strong commitment to work integrated learning, through the support and hiring of WIL students and/or have shown a high level of overall support of our association through specific partnerships.

WIL Category Award

Alam Charmaine, Holiday Inn and Suites North Vancouver

Employee at the entrance to a hotel lobby

Holiday Inn and Suites North Vancouver stands out as an exceptional partner, steadfastly supporting Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) both during and after the challenging pandemic years. In 2023, their housekeeping department provided invaluable opportunities by hiring five students from the Diploma in Tourism Management International program for paid practicums.

Even before the pandemic, Holiday Inn and Suites North Vancouver demonstrated unwavering support by hosting Business Etiquette sessions and enriching field trips, offering students real-world insights into the hospitality industry. Their commitment to initiatives like TOUR 150 not only benefits students but also addresses industry labor shortages and fosters collaboration between academia and the tourism sector.

The transformative experiences shared by students highlight Holiday Inn and Suites North Vancouver’s profound impact on professional growth and education. Their dedication and adaptability truly merit the Outstanding WIL Partner of the Year Award.