Danielle is in her final year of the UVic BCom program where she is specializing in entrepreneurship and service management. She is inspired by innovative companies that prioritize consumer wellbeing and the environment. Danielle is dedicated, curious, and ambitious.

Combining her love for dogs, sustainability, and business development during her co-op work term, Danielle started Doodlebug Pet Food. Doodlebugs are cricket-based dog treats perfect for pet parents because insect protein is nutritious, sustainable, and hypoallergenic. Danielle strives to change Canadians’ perception of entomophagy, challenging their food aversions for the sake of pet and environment wellbeing.

Since starting her business, Danielle won 6 business competitions and passionately dove into the world of insect protein, sharing her findings with Vancouver Island residents and her peers. With the increasing demand for protein and simultaneous environmental decline, innovative thinkers like Danielle will guide consumers in the right direction.