PCL’s student program is well-established across Canada and has an objective of developing high-potential students with the promise of becoming major contributors to the organization. Students are treated as salaried employees and are provided with challenging experiences and exposure. In 2020, PCL hired over 440 students across Canada into many disciplines. During orientation, students are introduced to many resources, including the student handbook, training and leadership development opportunities, student communication platforms, goal-setting templates, and mentorship opportunities. Managers work with students to identify additional learning goals and support their growth in these areas by providing meaningful work that can integrate with the student’s classroom learning. Students express that their manager regularly checks in to ensure their work is engaging, that professional competencies are being developed, and that the student feels like a part of the team. During their work terms, students are given the opportunity to engage in networking with other PCL staff in student-appreciation events and team-building exercises. These opportunities are an additional avenue which students can explore to expand their professional and leadership skill set.

It is clear that PCL seeks to advance and challenge their student employees, offering opportunities for career advancement, continuous mentorship, and targeted roles to foster development of each student’s desired skills and interests. Students return to school knowing they have made their mark and leave wanting to return to PCL for future student placements and full-time employment.