ACE-WIL BC/Yukon is pleased to announce RebalanceMD as the 2019 Industry Partner of the Year for their ongoing commitment to providing highly sought after, valuable and unique learning opportunities for students since 2013. RebalanceMD has hired co-operative education and work integrated learning students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels from diverse programs including: Kinesiology,  Recreation and Health Education, English; Visual Arts; Commerce, and Health Information Science as well as regularly hosting Kinesiology practicum students and student volunteers wishing to gain experience in the paramedical field.

Led by Stefan Fletcher, CEO and Physiotherapist, RebalanceMD provides students with access to an innovative multidisciplinary team that includes physiotherapists, kinesiologists and other health professionals who work together collaboratively to mentor students and provide practical, hands-on experience with diverse clientele. Working alongside these professionals, students are able to network, develop their professional competencies and better understand their career possibilities.

According to one co-op student working with RebalanceMD in 2019, “Being in a clinical setting presented many exceptional cases and aberrations from the norm, which meant that I often had to think on my feet and come up with solutions on the spot. Seeing the passion and joy all the staff had for their work reaffirmed my choice to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, whether it is as a kinesiologist, physiotherapist, or doctor.”

Hiring students in a private clinic involves a strong commitment on the part of the organization. Students, although very eager to learn, require an investment of time, energy and money. RebalanceMD has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to hire students regardless of economic circumstances. This dedication and passion for the work they do is clear to students, who have described their co-op experience at RebalanceMD as more than they could have hoped for.

“One conversation with a physiotherapist stands out as a moment of realization about the possibilities for growth in this field. He provided me with excellent feedback about his job satisfaction as a therapist and educated me on the steps he had taken to maintain an exciting, dynamic career. Conversations like this helped provide me with an idea of the sort of practitioner I would like to be.”