At every event, career fairs, sustainability fairs, mock interviews, speed recruiting, accounting week, industry days, 0 Canada Career Day, networking events and classroom talks DND-CFB Esquimalt is there. Every area of the DND-CFB Esquimalt is happy to devote time to students that inspires and improves their career education.

DND-CFB Esquimalt has employed students from faculties of technology, business, sports, trades and the arts. The shear breadth of opportunities has amazed our student workforce and many come back from their work terms telling how it was a transformative experience. Last year’s Provincial and National College Co-op Student of the Year, Camosun’s Robin Stone enjoyed a demanding and satisfying work term with DND.

Mike Kory a faculty member who facilities work terms writes “This employer has repeatedly provided meaningful and relevant CO-OP working experience to numerous Environmental technology {ET} students over the years. The work provided is both training related and real world as it relates to the environmental responsibilities of the naval base; real life duties. Heather has also implemented 8 months CO-OP terms to ensure that training and experience transfers into valuable and productive performance for both the student and the employer. Numerous ET graduates have gone on to full employment at the base as a result of the opportunities provided by DCC and other CFB units. In addition, many of these ET grads have eventually assumed positions wherein they are now hiring ET students for CO-OP terms.

After two work terms with the Department of National Defense-CFB Esquimalt, Megan Greentree writes:

“Without my previous co­op experiences, I doubt I would have felt confident enough to suggest that there was something wrong with the policies, nor would I have asserted that I was capable of rewriting them. My positive experience working as a co-op student reassured me that I had something valuable to offer my employer, and this has emboldened me to become a vocal advocate for my own ideas and abilities.”