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WIL Practitioners


‘Nudging’ co-op students through sticky spots
Are you looking to boost engagement among your students before, during and after their co-op work terms? Do you want to help them to make the choices that you know will improve their experiences of the co-op program? This resource is designed to help co-op practitioners’ facilitate an enriched co-op student experience. Read More »
Talent MATCH & Talent 4 Non-Profits
Talent MATCH generated awareness amongst museums, arts, tourism, culture, and hospitality (MATCH) organizations about hiring students by offering resources and info sessions to educate employers on funding, connecting with schools, and attracting students. Resources were also developed for students in addition to 1-on-1 sessions with a Career Coach. Read More »
WIL Impacts Framework: Measuring the Socio-Economic Impacts of WIL programs
The WIL Impacts Framework was developed by the BC Work Integrated Learning Council so that BC’s 25 public, post-secondary institutions could gather valuable data regarding the impacts of work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences on host organizations and the local BC economy. Read More »

Resource Packs

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in WIL and Career Curricula
Post-secondary institutions and practitioners within the ACE-WIL community are engaging in various initiatives, programs and experiences that align with and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This resource pack includes resources to support the aims of the UN SDGs. Read More »
ACE-WIL Symposia - Spring & Fall 2021
This resource pack contains presentation recordings and associated resources from the 2021 ACE-WIL Symposia in May and November 2021. Topics ranged from capacity building with students, employer recruitment and engagement strategies, WIL program development and resources to support equity, diversity and inclusion. The Symposia were part of a COWIL Initiative Project. Read More »
WIL Preparatory Curriculum Resources
Resources related to WIL preparatory curriculum including: programs for WIL student preparation, quality frameworks for WIL preparatory curriculum, learning and teaching models and methods. Read More »


The Indigenous Work-Integrated Learning Resource Hub: A Needs-Based Approach to Addressing Barriers and Opportunities for Indigenous Students
A journal article published in the Special Issue in the International Journal of Work-integrated Learning (IJWIL) to cultivate knowledge and practice of Indigenous WIL in 2022. The Indigenous Co-op/Work-integrated Learning (WIL) Resource Hub (IRH) was developed to support Indigenous student access, retention, and success in WIL programs and placements. Resources… Read More »
Course: Supporting the WIL Student Journey (ACE-WIL BC/YUKON May 2023 PD event)
Event Recording: ACE-WIL BC/YUKON May 2023 PD event: Supporting the WIL Student Journey