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WIL Impacts Framework: Measuring the Socio-Economic Impacts of WIL programs
The WIL Impacts Framework was developed by the BC Work Integrated Learning Council so that BC’s 25 public, post-secondary institutions could gather valuable data regarding the impacts of work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences on host organizations and the local BC economy. Read More »
Work-Integrated Learning Technology Survey
This project developed: an inventory of IMS and CRM software used by all BC public PSIs, an analysis for effective software, explored a partnership with BCNET and developed recommendations for negotiating sector-wide software buy. Read More »
Industry Engagement Toolkit
The Job Development Initiative involved conducting a job development plan targeting specific Camosun programs and related industries, training employment facilitators and developing an industry engagement toolkit to support WIL practitioners in making regular, timely connections with business and industry in order to build a plethora of WIL opportunities. Read More »

Resource Packs

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in WIL and Career Curricula
Post-secondary institutions and practitioners within the ACE-WIL community are engaging in various initiatives, programs and experiences that align with and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This resource pack includes resources to support the aims of the UN SDGs. Read More »


Research Project: WIL in BC for Talent MATCH & Talent 4 Non-Profits
Using one-on-one interviews to determine what resources students and employers in MATCH and non-profits were looking for, and to identify other issues to focus on to support these sectors, data marketing specialist Majid Khoury and his team was engaged by the Talent MATCH and Talent 4 Non-Profits team as part… Read More »
Final Report: Talent MATCH, Talent MATCH for Students, Talent 4 Non-Profits
A summary report on the Talent MATCH, Talent MATCH for Students, and Talent 4 Non-Profits Program covering its activities, resources, promotions, and successes as well as its learnings and recommendations for changes to WIL programs across BC. Topics: ACE-WIL Governance, Community Partnerships, Engaging with ACE-WIL Members, Engaging with Employers, Engaging… Read More »
ACE-WIL Town Hall feat. Talent MATCH & Talent 4 Non-Profits programs (Oct. 2022)
Talent MATCH and Talent 4 Non-Profits was a COWIL funded project that ran in 2021 and 2022. They presented information about the programs, their learnings and observations, and suggestions on how post-secondary institutions can implement changes to support employers and students. Talent MATCH focused on supporting employers from museums, arts,… Read More »