ACE-WIL Members


Work-Integrated Learning Technology Survey
This project developed: an inventory of IMS and CRM software used by all BC public PSIs, an analysis for effective software, explored a partnership with BCNET and developed recommendations for negotiating sector-wide software buy. Read More »
Industry Engagement Toolkit
The Job Development Initiative involved conducting a job development plan targeting specific Camosun programs and related industries, training employment facilitators and developing an industry engagement toolkit to support WIL practitioners in making regular, timely connections with business and industry in order to build a plethora of WIL opportunities. Read More »
BC WIL Employer/Community Partner Survey
The BC WIL Employer and Community Partner survey collected data from WIL partners at 19 post-secondary institutions in BC between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, to better understand the labour market’s ability to engage WIL students during the pandemic and post-pandemic. The survey provides insight on WIL employer/community partner’s experiences, interests and needs. Read More »

Resource Packs

WIL Preparatory Curriculum Resources
Resources related to WIL preparatory curriculum including: programs for WIL student preparation, quality frameworks for WIL preparatory curriculum, learning and teaching models and methods. Read More »
ACE-WIL Awards & Forms
The ACE-WIL Awards Committee is responsible for administering the award process for: The Outstanding Contribution Award, The Student of the Year Awards and Industry Partner of the Year Award. This resource pack includes a handbook for organizing the awards as well as the associated nomination forms. Read More »
ACE-WIL Member Townhalls
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, ACE-WIL began to offer townhalls as a way to stay connected and provide support to members. Each townhall is centered around a specific theme and offers unique resources and professional development to aid members in WIL practice across BC. This resource pack includes the webinar recordings and slides of each townhall. Read More »


ACE-WIL Resource Hub How-to Upload and Tips for Projects
This document will help Project leads and coordinators, and any other ACE-WIL members who are looking to add resources to the ACE-WIL Resource Hub. Topics: BC WIL Council, Engaging with ACE-WIL Members License and Distribution: ACE-WIL Copyright ACE-WIL Resource Hub How-to Upload and Tips for Projects Read More »
iHub Toolkit: Advancing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: A Toolkit for Employers and Community Partners
This toolkit is intended to both amplify the voices of WIL students who experience marginalization, and to provide employers and community partners with actionable strategies for advancing JEDI. Topics: Engaging with ACE-WIL Members, Engaging with Employers License and Distribution: CEWIL Copyright iHub Toolkit Glossary of Terms Read More »