Improving Access to Co-op/WIL among Students with Disabilities
Identifying and working to remove barriers to students with accessibility needs that have self-selected not to participate in Co-op at Okanagan College, as well as supporting students already participating was the underpinning focus of this project. Read More »
ACE-WIL BC/Yukon WIL Preparatory Curriculum: Quality Framework
This project aims to support British Columbia (BC)/ Yukon post-secondary institutions in the development, implementation, and evaluation of work-integrated learning (WIL) educational programs designed to prepare students prior to entering their workplace or practice setting. Read More »
Support for Co-op and WIL Initiative
This project page contains resources to facilitate communication and collaboration between Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning (COWIL) Initiative project members. Read More »

Resource Packs

Talent Forward
Resources on hiring a WIL student and getting started with student talent. These resources are developed by Talent Forward, a BC Chamber of Commerce program. Read More »
WIL Preparatory Curriculum Resources
Resources related to WIL preparatory curriculum including: programs for WIL student preparation, quality frameworks for WIL preparatory curriculum, learning and teaching models and methods. Read More »
2021 ACE-WIL May Symposium
Experience the learnings and shared impacts of the 66 Work-Integrated Learning initiatives spearheaded by public post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. Projects range from capacity building with students, employer recruitment and engagement strategies, WIL program development and resources to support equity, diversity and inclusion, to name a few. Read More »


ACE-WIL Survey Results for Practitioners (July 2021)
ACE-WIL BC/Yukon WIL Preparatory Curriculum Learning Outcomes
WIL Practitioners in co-op programs shared their preparatory curriculum learning outcomes. These have been synthesized to offer a set of ACE-WIL BC/Yukon WIL Preparatory Curriculum Learning Outcomes that provide a snapshot of learning outcomes in 2020. Topics: Engaging with ACE-WIL Members, WIL Curriculum, WIL Structures/Frameworks for PSIs License and Distribution:… Read More »
Institutional Models
These findings describe the ways in which the WIL Preparatory Curriculum is integrated at the institutions that participated in the study. WIL Practitioners can use these models to understand how WIL Preparatory Curriculum for diverse WIL types are designed. Topics: Engaging with ACE-WIL Members, WIL Curriculum, WIL Structures/Frameworks for PSIs… Read More »