BC WIL Council

The BC Work Integrated Learning Council (BCWC) is an independent council of the ACE-WIL BC/Yukon. The Council is comprised of one member from each public, post-secondary co-operative education and work integrated learning institution in BC/Yukon as appointed by the president of the institution. The Council is accountable to key co-operative education and work integrated learning stakeholders (such as students, employers, government, and educational institutions).

What is BCWC's role?
The BCWC exists to provide and encourage the adoption of consistent program guidelines and standards for quality co-operative education and work integrated learning in BC, to gather and disseminate relevant data, and to work as a collective voice to discuss accountability and institutional issues related to co-operative education and work integrated learning. Read More »
What does the BCWC do for ACE-WIL Members?
The BCWC meets at least semi-annually to discuss issues and initiatives related to its purpose and role. Each institution is represented and contributes to these discussions. Also there are a number of sub-committees working on a variety of issues throughout the year. Read More »

How does the BCWC represent co-op and WIL in BC and beyond?

The BCWC council members were also instrumental in working with the provincial government to develop the Co-op Tech grant, improving the co-op and WIL profile on the WorkBC website, and making recommendations for the receiving of $1.3 million provided to BC Co-op Institutions within BC. BCWC also liaises with a number of organizations, associations and other government departments at the provincial, national and international level to further the cause of co-operative education and work-integrated learning.

Who is part of the BCWC?

Each institution has one co-op or WIL delegate to represent them at BCWC. Other members include the current president of ACE-WIL and a representative from the provincial ministry responsible for post-secondary education and skills training.

What is the Comparative Matrix of Work-Integrated Education and Learning?
The BCWC has worked on a comprehensive matrix of work-integrated education and learning. The objective of this matrix is to develop clarity, common understanding and shared language around these forms of work-integrated experiences across institutions in BC. Read More »

Where can I find out more information about BCWC?

ACE-WIL members can access other information such as the Advocacy Process, Definitions & Guidelines, Mandate, and Operational Plan by going to the Resource Library (be sure to log into the member portal first to access member-only content).